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ISCI, Seeking Highly Qualified Career Motivated, Creative Talent

ISCI believes that our staff members are what drive our organization forward. Their success largely depends on just how well their strengths, work style, and business thinking process match with the organization's goals and objectives. ISCI knows that the long-term retention of an employee means being able to work as a team, so we value the unique perspective each employee can bring to ISCI. ISCI is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).
*candidates applying for positions at ISCI may be required to participate in assessments during the hiring process.

With today's volatile economic markets, recruiting the right employee has become even more crucial than ever before, as our clients depend on us to effectively develop, manage and protect their assets. We do this by recruiting the right qulaified staff members for the right job, focusing on a well designed recruiting, staffing and hiring stategy, policies, and procedures. Our recruiting, testing, and selection process provides the tools needed to make a sound hiring decision to employ the most qualified individual possible.

ISCI Knows That A Strong Workforce Requires A Commitment To Superior Benefits |Building A Stronger Company Through Our Employees |

ISCI is pleased to offer our employees a competitive benefits package that will meet their family's needs. We are proud of our employees and our commitment to make sure they have quality benefits options. The benefits package includes, but is not limited to, a quality medical, dental, disability, and group life insurance plan along with a retirement plan that is an asset to their family's long-term care. ISCI pledges to review and update our benefits package on a regular basis so that it provides the high quality of services our employees deserve and need to enhance the quality of their lives.